PC Technologies

Experience the service of PC Technologies

PC Technologies was founded in 2002 by Joseph Benzinger and Ernie Borroto. Joe and Ernie, with a long history of providing business outsourcing services in the New Jersey market, created PC Technologies to provide a range of services in electronic discovery processing, scanning and document reproduction to the legal community.

PC Technologies employs highly qualified and experienced litigation discovery analysts and project managers in the production of client data populations. With backgrounds and experiences from service providers to law firms, our team has successfully produced complex discovery and management projects involving a wide array of discovery challenges.

Why PC Technologies

We work collaboratively with law firms, law departments and major corporations to provide business outsourcing services in the areas of electronic document discovery processing, scanning and reproduction.

PC Technologies has the experience and flexibility to be trusted with the success of your projects. Our boutique size and high commitment level provides the tools to respond to your demands.

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